Welcome to Ballarat Gymsports Inc.

incorporating Ballarat Gymnastics, Ballarat Blizzard Cheerleading and Ballarat Gymsports MiniGymNinja



Ever wanted to learn how to fly like an acrobat, walk like a cat on a beam or simply be able to safely roll...  come and challenge yourself. Whether you've just started to walk or are mobility challenged, we have a place in one of our many and varied programs. From recreational to competition we can provide unequalled quality coaching and support.



Stand back and be amazed at this group of amazing athletes who regularly throw each other around and who like to put a new spin on the phrase "standing over you". This high energy sport has to be seen to truly be believed.

Gymsports is the home of the most successful and qualified cheer team in Ballarat.


Run, hurdle and leap across a myriad of objects and space. Some call it Parkour, others Free Running... here we now call it FreeG, either name though, it's all the same to us! Whether you're a budding MiniGymNinja, preparing to be a warrior of agility, or simply wanting to discover and know your limits, Gymsports has an abundance of challenges and risks waiting for you to take the challenge.