At Ballarat Gymsports we understand that children like to try out different activities from time to time and there may be a need to cease or reduce their current activity load.

Whilst we hate to see anyone leave our program, we also strive to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

Withdrawal Agreement:
  1. The Withdrawal form must be received by us PRIOR to the commencement of the next 2 week fee payment period. The accounts team will then make the necessary adjustments to your account.
  2. Once your account is cleared of any ALL outstanding amounts, a clearance can be granted (if moving to another club). Please be aware, that under Gymnastics Australia rules, clubs should refuse transfers, and the ability for the gymnast to train and compete with another Club until this occurs.
  3. I understand that my child’s spot in that class is no longer held once I withdraw.
  4. Athlete’s records are kept electronically in our database for one year from withdrawal date so they can re-enroll where they left off if desired. Under certain conditions (such as Insurance), where an incident has occurred, medical records must be retained by the Club for a minimum of 7 years.