Ballarat Gymsports has merged our successful Parkour and Freerunning classes in to the Gymnastics Australia FREE G program.

This means participants now get the best of both worlds and have an even larger pool of activities and opportunities such as Local, State and National events to participate and even compete in.

All FreeG participants, regardless of age, progress through the National system which has been developed and licensed from the UK (British Gymnastics). The program at Gymsports includes Freerunning, Trampolining, Obstacles and Gymnastics activities adding an even greater depth of skill acquisition.

Gymsports is proud to maintain our local link with “Freedom Though Motion” and further a field with other clubs in Victoria also delivering the FreeG program.

Gymsports members, once they have the necessary skill sets, are encouraged to come along and join our Time Trial sessions to test their ability, agility, ingenuity and speed in sessions with others in specially designed courses to PB and and compete in activities not only here in Ballarat but other locations around the state.



All classes are currently suspended due to Stage 3 restrictions!
Intro/Beginner Sessions:

Intermediate/Ultimate Sessions:

Enrolment Note:

With all classes currently suspended due to stage 3, we will be running online activities for all enrolled members in classes. We strongly suggest that if you would like to keep up to date with the latest info and reserve your place for when we DO return, please enroll in your selected class (there are no charges for this enrollment!)

Where there is no ENROL link against a class, please contact Reception.

Where there is a WAITING link against a class, this indicates a waiting list exists, by still completing the information, reception can then advise you when either an opening exists or a new class is created.

Existing members can also choose to re-enrol via their family portal site.

Fees Note:

Where a participant is enrolled in multiple days, your invoice will reflect the adjusted amount.

Where families opted-in to assist the club at the end of Term 1, this discount will be manually applied and reflected on your account.

Registration and Insurance fees are also applicable and payable upon enrollment (these fees may not be initially reflected on your invoice, in these instances they will be added manually and a new invoice sent).