In 2024, Ballarat Gymsports has undergone a total revamp of our Recreational Gymnastics program of offerings for participants. The new approach sees a return to a streamlined approach across the club allowing kids to simply participate, have fun, learn skills, and an easier transition in to our Competitive programs if desired.

The system is easier for parents to also understand where their child fits in on a national comparison of the sport, especially when moving between clubs.


In 2024, we have a focus on Primary School aged gymnastics delivery which is based around “Participant Centred Coaching” whilst building on the 5 F’s of Gymnastics:

Along with ensuring every participant understands the well established principles of Gymnastic Movement Patterns to ensure they achieve each skill to their maximum ability level.

We firmly believe that by allowing everyone to experience the widest possible offerings of the “sports of Gymnastics”, in a non-stressful or competitive environment, all participants will be able to enjoy swinging and bouncing their way through our Educational set of programs.

EDU Gymnastics is designed to be non gender based and inclusive of both boys and girls apparatus, making it available and achievable for all. The emphasis is on the execution of important foundation skills and performance of simple routines, rather than difficulty.

EDU Gymnastics is based around the current Gymnastics Australia Levels program with an emphasis on the successful achievement and subsequent progression of individual participants and not on the group achievements.

EDU Gymnastics classes are designed around both age and ability allowing us to recognise the physical as well as the chronological ability of the participant in their progression.

EDU Gymnastics gymnasts have the ability to participate in our series of Friendship Meets. These are non stressful and fun designed participation events conducted during the year.


TEEN GYM builds on the non gender based and inclusion of both boys and girls apparatus, making it available and achievable for all. Again, the emphasis is on the execution of skills and performance of longer routines, rather than the difficulty.

TEEN GYM is perfect for participants who are only able to train limited hours and/or prefer a less competitive environment.

TEEN GYM classes are designed for those older participants who wish to be with their friends of the same age and social group, thus the emphasis is on very much a collaborative working between coach and gymnast.

At Gymsports we have a pathway that allows athletes to move between EDU Gymnastics, TEEN GYM and the Australian Levels Program (ALP) and vice versa.

If you would like more information about either of these programs, please email us at:

Educational Programs – ATOMS & ELECTRONS (Ages 4.5 to 7yrs)

Educational Programs – NEUTRONS, PROTONS & HALOS (Ages 5.5 to 10yrs)

Teen Programs – SONICS & TITANS (Ages 10yrs plus)


Enrolment Note:

Currently there is NO ENROL link against a class, as these will be opened to the general public on Saturday January 6th 2024. Current members are able to enroll via their Parent Portal access.

Where there is a WAITING link against a class, this indicates a waiting list exists, by still completing the information, reception can then advise you when either an opening exists or a new class is created.

Existing members can also choose to re-enrol via their family portal site.

Fees Note:

Fees displayed, unless otherwise stated, are for a 2 week period.

Where a participant is enrolled in multiple days, your invoice will reflect the adjusted amount.

Victorian Gymnastics Registration and Insurance Annual fees are also applicable and payable upon enrollment (these fees may not be initially reflected on your invoice, in these instances they will be added manually and a new invoice sent).