TeamGym sits within the Gymnastics Australia “Gymnastics For All” group of sports, and as the name suggests it is a true TEAM event.

Based on the simple European philosophies encompassing, Fun, Energy, Team Work, Display and Sportsmanship, teams of six (6) or more gymnasts go through their combined paces of skill and talent in a choreographed format. Apparatus used in TeamGym are the sprung floor, air mats and trampette(s), all making for some high flying fun and amazing aerial action.

Gymsports is the only Ballarat club that offers TeamGym and has competed in every Victorian State Championship since it’s inception. Our qualified coaches and judges have assisted in inter-club and interstate workshops and events as well as being on the guiding committee for the sport in Victoria.

This term we have also introduced another new European sport called


Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a discipline of gymnastics developed from Finland. The sport is reminiscent of Rhythmic Gymnastics, but there are some significant differences: in AGG, the emphasis is on big and continuous body movement and the teams are larger. AGG teams often consist of 6-10 gymnasts. The sport requires physical qualities such as flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm where movements of the body are emphasized in the flow, expressive and aesthetic appeal. A good performance is characterized by uniformity and simultaneity. The competition program consists of versatile and varied body movements, such as body waves and swings, balances and pivots, jumps and leaps, dance steps, and lifts.

Athletes will have the opportunity to train and compete in one or both of these sports.



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