At Ballarat Gymsports we have been working extra hard to come up with a solution to enable our members to return to training as well as having new members join our amazing Club.

For the next two (2) weeks we will be turning our Carpark in to a pop up “Turnplatz” (outdoor gymnastics area). We have reduced the number of classes to allow us to be extremely compliant with our obligations under the COVID-safe rules for Regional Victoria.

The program will deliver the following:
– Modified training programs
– Discounted rates
– COVID-safe delivery methods
– Engaging and Fun activities


Try Gymsports Classes

These are sessions that allow new or even existing members to try out a class here at Gymsports. The sessions are 45 minutes in duration and cover Gymnastics, Trampoline (when permitted), Parkour and Tumbling all in one class. Sessions need to be booked but are casual based, so book in for 1 or a few!

Inclusive Classes

These sessions are our Visually Impaired (Fuzzy Gym) and Autistic/Spectrum (Starbound) sessions. Current regulations allow us to now run these sessions indoors.

Under 5’s Classes

Aktive Kidz sessions for our little ones return but with an outdoor flavour. Remember to make sure participants have an extra layer of clothing in case it gets a little chilly.

Mini GymNinja sessions for those who have returned to destroying your couches during the pandemic. Fresh air and something to jump over and crawl under that isn’t the table at home is well over due.

GymStar Classes

GymStar sessions are the entry point we use for participants wanting to learn Gymnastics. Participants will use both girls and boys equipment in a none stressful fun environment where as they progress they can decide to challenge themselves and others in an array of competitions.

FreeG / Parkour Classes

Most of us simply walk from point A to point B… not someone who participates in this program. Jump, Leap, Roll, Bound and Flip your way, and feel the excitement and thrill of the challenge of “freedom of movement”

WAG Competitive Classes

Some kids just can’t sit still and have the need to flip unexpectedly, walk along a beam and swing from a bar, plus show off a little to a crowd, these are the kind of kids who participate in our WAG Competitive program. Perfection and Competition are what drives these young girls.

MAG Competitive Classes

Amazingly strong and athletic boys need to challenge themselves and our MAG Competitive program does just that. Swing from the rings, circle a horse and flip on the floor drives these athletes.

Enrolment Note:

Currently all indoor training (except for NDIS participants) are not permitted due to the current Regional restrictions in force. Our outdoor sessions have all been planned and exceed all requirements under the COVID-safe regulations.

Where there is no ENROL link against a class, please contact Reception.

Where there is a WAITING link against a class, this indicates a waiting list exists, by still completing the information, reception can then advise you when either an opening exists or a new class is created.

Existing members can also choose to re-enrol via their family portal site.

Fees Note:

Our fees are based on a 2 week period and prorated depending upon enrollment dates. Where a participant is enrolled in multiple days, your invoice will be manually amended to reflect the adjusted amount.

Where families had already paid for sessions for Term 2 or 3 that no refund was requested, your account will reflect payments and credits.

Registration and Insurance fees are also usually applicable and payable upon enrollment. However Gymnastics Victoria has announced that these fees are no longer required to be collected by Clubs for them for the remainder of 2020. Ballarat Gymsports has therefore decided to also forego any of these fees for the remainder of 2020. Where these fees had already been paid for Term 3, your account will be manually adjusted.