At Ballarat Gymsports we understand that during the early developmental years, kids have a specially designed and hidden On/Off switch they use when it comes to wanting to do things… especially pre-planned, that simply baffles the rest of us.

That’s why we offer more activities, more options and better still more times to allow for greater participation by both kids and parents.


Possums sessions are a pre-booked term based 45 minute Parent/Guardian assisted soft play discovery session led by one of our very experienced and qualified coaches. Each session is designed to introduce children aged 18months to 3years to the Dominant Movement Pattern’s (DMP’s) in a safe and fun way. Discovery and play are the natural tools that all children at this age use to learn and develop, using soft play and bright colours along with engaging music helps to stimulate their creative processes.



This is a 55 minute session which builds on from the discovery approach, our junior (3years to 5years) structured gymnastic sessions under the direction of a qualified and specialist coach, allows each child to develop and optimise their social, physical and mental potential without the need of a parent/guardian helper. By assisting in developing their confidence these sessions are the perfect lead up or addition to Kindergarten and or School.



GymNinja classes pack three of the hottest sporting activities for kids… Gymnastics, Obstacles and Parkour into one 30 minute session! Kids will participate in Ninja styled obstacle courses, rope climbs, trampolines and use of other gymnastics equipment. Strength, flexibility, coordination and agility, along with fun is emphasized. Kids enrolling in to the GymNinja program will receive their “GymNinja uniform” after completing 3 sessions.

GymNinja sessions are non-gender designed and aimed at those 5 years and under. Participants are expected to be able to watch, follow instructions and listen to their GymNinja Master.



Enrolment Note:

Where there is no ENROL link against a class, please contact Reception.

Where there is a WAITING link against a class, this indicates a waiting list exists, by still completing the information, reception can then advise you when either an opening exists or a new class is created.

Existing members can also choose to re-enrol via their family portal site.

Fees Note:

Fee amount displayed, unless otherwise stated, is for a 2 week period. Where a participant is enrolled in multiple days, your invoice will reflect the adjusted amount.

Victorian Gymnastics Registration and Insurance fees (GfA) are also applicable and payable upon enrollment (these fees may not be initially reflected on your invoice, in these instances they will be added manually and a new invoice sent).