Mini GymNinjas are participants who's sole existence and mission in life so far is to basically destroy Mum and Dad's lounge with all their energy.

Mini GymNinja sessions are co-ed designed and aimed at those 5 years and under.

Mini GymNinja classes are run during the day, after-school and even on a Saturday.

Mini GymNinja classes combine two of the hottest sporting activities for kids... Gymnastics and Parkour!

Kids participate in Ninja styled obstacle courses, rope climbs, specially designed shapes, trampolines and use other gymnastics equipment. Strength, flexibility, coordination and agility will be emphasized.

BONUS: Kids enrolling in to the Mini GymNinja program receive their "Mini GymNinja uniform" after completing 3 sessions.

MINI GYMNINJA EVENTS: All Ninjas will be able to participate in our Obstacle Event sessions where they can go for their PB at the course and receive some awesome recognition.