Gymstar is Gymnastics Victoria's alternative program to the National Levels Program catering for gymnasts wanting to have fun, learn the basics and new skills, participate in a structured levels progression program, and from time to time, if they want to, compete in a no stress environment without the need for lots of hours of practice.

Gymstar is the perfect program for gymnasts wanting to be involved in gymnastics but are that bit older, do not fit in to the perceived "model of a gymnast", using the sport to enhance their other sporting options, when starting new and not sure of a direction or even for those returning to the sport after a break. Gymnasts are able to move sideways in to the NLP system at anytime.

Gymstar is a mixed gender approach where gymnasts can compete on up to 6 of the traditional "Olympic" pieces of equipment (Floor, Beam, Uneven Bars, Vault, Rings and Parallel Bars). There is a large emphasis on team participation, especially in the early levels of the program.

At Ballarat Gymsports we run the program in two categories, Recreational and Competitive. This allows for gymnasts to progress through the program at their own pace and and set their individual goals.