At Ballarat Gymsports we are always looking for ways to involve everyone in some form of activity, this is why we are proud in continuing to be a Gymnastics Victoria Inclusive Leader Club.

In 2019 we welcome a new line up to our team to enable us to deliver an even bigger and better level of service to our participants. With specialists within the disability carer sector joining our coaches who have and continue to receive specialist training through industry specific workshops, the team are always looking for the next challenge to arrive, with a smile of course.

During 2016 our 'Fuzzy Gym" program was a finalist in the 2016 Gymnastics Victoria Inclusive Initiative of the Year, plus in 2017 our participants and coaches featured in the Inclusive series video about Visually Impaired gymnasts.



In 2019 Ballarat Gymsports has expanded it’s offerings and introduced a pathway for all participants within the programs being offered. Star Bound will not only introduce new activities but also allow participants to go to the next level of participation by enabling them to compete in events under specially designed categories.

Star Bound aims to build strength and inner confidence to foster happy, empowered participants.

Through Start Bound activities… anything is possible.

Through Star Bound activities the participants develop emotional self-awareness, gain executive functioning skills and practice social communication.

Star Bound is… Therapeutic… Recreational… Social Play

Sessions are designed for children, teenagers and adults who may be living with Autism, Vision Impairment, an Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability or something else that prevents them from joining a main stream program.

At Ballarat Gymsports we are honoured to work alongside some amazing organisations such as…

  • Ballarat Autism Network

  • Yellow Lady Bugs

  • Special Olympics Ballarat


  • Sports Central

  • Gymnastics Victoria

  • Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria




The Fitter for Life program is a fun and social opportunity that aims to help improve in the over 50's age bracket... mobility, strength and coordination; the activities in the program can be catered and tailored to your varying levels of ability or mobility.

The skills developed in the Fitter for Life program are used for common activities, such as:

  • Walking up and down a flight of stairs;

  • Hanging out the washing;

  • Bending down or reaching up into cupboards; and

  • Playing with grandchildren.

The Fitter for Life program is running across various states in Australia and supported here in Victoria by Gymnastics Victoria and is likely to suit the needs of those interested in:

  • Becoming more physically active;

  • Meeting new people in a local and social environment; or

  • Improving your mobility in other sports and daily activities.

Ballarat Gymsports has had several of our coaches attend the specialised training workshops in order to introduce this program to the "older generation of movers" here in Ballarat.

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary on Friday 20/09 with special guest April Wilson from Gymnastics Victoria.

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary on Friday 20/09 with special guest April Wilson from Gymnastics Victoria.