Not just little girls like to hang upside down and cartwheel until they're too dizzy to stand upright. Who wouldn't like to one minute be spinning around a bar and then the next minute have total control and balance whilst walking along something not much wider than your mobile phone.

At Ballarat Gymsports we take the NLP very seriously and as such have introduced a new structure or framework which caters for athletes competing from Level 1 to Level 9 (currently).

Our International and Australian coaches are a dedicated group with the team consisting of University presenters (gymnastics and sports medicine field) to the newest being all the way from Canada, plus others from the ranks of retired gymnasts, all of whom are registered with Gymnastics Australia and with all furthering their coaching qualification journey.

Ballarat Gymsports boasts a sprung floor, 2 sets of uneven bars, 5 full size beams, vaulting table, 2 full size competition trampolines, 7m tumble track that ends in to a large above ground pit, 6m sprung tumbling floor, air floor, multiple single/uneven bars, ballet area and much more to assist the development of our gymnasts.

Our girls have successfully competed in both Regional and State Championship events. It is nothing to have Gymsports being represented every second weekend somewhere in Victoria.

 Level 7 gymnasts at Natimuk 2017

Level 7 gymnasts at Natimuk 2017