Here at Ballarat Gymsports, we love recognising the amazing work and contributions of everyone involved in the Club. Anyone, regardless if they are an athlete, coach, official, staff, parent, sibling, relative,… you get the idea… we would love to be able to recognise their value and let everyone know about it.

Nominate today someone you feel deserves a Ballarat Gymsports AWESOME AWARD. They receive a recognition certificate, entry in to our monthly AWESOME recipient prize draw plus recognition within and around the facility.

What we need you to do is let us know when you see or hear of someone or something worthwhile and that should be recognised. The process is straight forward and you can remain anonymous if you like

The Process:
  1. Nominate a worthy recipient using the form below
  2. Our Awards team at Gymsports will review the nomination
  3. If we agree with you then we send them an Awesome Award Certificate
  4. All Award recipients are placed in the monthly draw for an Awesome Award prize
  5. All Award recipients will be recognised and acknowledged in the facility